Welcome to the Getaway

Bed and Breakfasts charms Castellet in the Var ...

About us

herve nathalie thonAfter an honorable career in catering, Nathalie, who has also worked as Housekeeper in luxury hotels, and Herve, Professional chef of restaurants, on board private yachts and luxury hotels, have opened our rooms in 2012 to prolong our love of being with people of many horizons.
These rooms are really who we are!  We have long thought and constructed them ourselves, from the foundation to the outside walls, the paint and plumbing, which permit us to make them exactly to our style:  clear, functional and spacious.

Here no imposition to worry about, each room has its own independent access, so you can come and go as you please, without disturbing anyone.

If you feel like being a tourist, or beachcombing, and in the evening prefer to prepare your own meals, a kitchen and dining area are available.  If you don't feel like cooking, let us know in the morning and that evening we can share dining in the French style on the terrace.  We have so many wonderful memories of our guests from these fun and friendly evening dinners.  The dinners are also our way of informing and helping you organize the following day's activities, customizing your stay to fit your own personal interests. We try to do for others as we would like to have done for us when we go on vacation ... to others' bed and breakfasts !